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Mathematical and computational analyses have proved to be uniquely insightful for solving a myriad of problems in science, society and our everyday lives. WhyDoMath highlights solutions to many of these problems in an engaging, layered, multimedia website and shows that an undergraduate mathematics education can be an entryway to rewarding and engaging career opportunities.

America's Cup
Alfio Quarteroni

Cochlear Implant
Joseph Skufca

Google PageRank
Emmeline Aghapour, Timothy P. Chartier, Amy N. Langville, and Kathryn E. Pedings

Neuroscience Mathematics
Brent Doiron, Eric Shea-Brown

Mathematics in the Wind The Bionic Ear The Mathematics of the Spike

Space Travel
Shane Ross

Chris Budd and Cathryn Mitchell

Michael A. Jones

Patrick J. Van Fleet

Mathematics Uncovers an Interplanetary Superhighway How Math Can Save Your Life More Than Just Counting Votes Image Compression: How Math Led to the JPEG2000 Standard

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About WhyDoMath

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has developed WhyDoMath to showcase exciting mathematical and computational science topics at a popular science/lower collegiate level.

This website will present a variety of applications that illustrate the innovative ways that the mathematical sciences are being used in a wide range of disciplines.

For more information about SIAM visit the website: www.siam.org.

Reading Room Feature Article:
Mining Multilingual Documents, Dianne P. O'Leary and John M. Conroy, SIAM News, September 2008