Why Do Math:

Preferred Content Specifications for Authors

The specifications provided below are the preferred content formats that will expedite the process of the node creation. We will accept any formats. Creation of a node is always done in close collaboration with an editor from SIAM and/or the Why-Do-Math Steering Committee; please contact Why Do Math first, before sending any material. Once node topic and outline of the contents have been agreed upon, the material for a node should be sent in one of the following preferred formats.


  • Unformatted Microsoft Word or plain, unformatted text file
  • Present content as a basic outline with main-headline, sub-headline, and paragraph
  • Send any supplemental documents (that are to be linked to) as Adobe PDFs
  • If math is used, provide the original LaTex files


  • GIF, PNG or JPG format and at the largest size available
  • Name file to describe content (if the picture is of a hot air balloon label it as hotair_balloon.jpg)


  • Original uncompressed format (640pixels x 480pixels)
  • Files saved as QuickTime movies or in .mov or .mpg formats


  • Original uncompressed format (.aif or .wav) or .mp3

Mail your materials on CD to:
Heather Blythe
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
3600 Market St., 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

For More Information

Heather Blythe

Marty Golubitsky
Ohio State University

Hinke Osinga
University of Bristol