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Math Awareness Month 2008

U.S. Presidential Elections

Link to US Presidential Election Data:

Voting Vectors and Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Players

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Ken Mandel, Howard’s huge year nets him NL MVP: Phils slugger led Majors in homers, RBIs in first full season, posted here on on 11/21/2006.

Kelly Thesier, Morneau upsets field in AL MVP race: Twins first baseman tops Jeter, Ortiz and Thomas, posted here at on 11/21/2006.

Single Transferable Vote and the Academy Awards

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Electoral Reform Society in England (supports the use of STV in elections)

Instant Runoff

Organization to promote the use of Instant Runoff:

Approval Voting and Professional Societies

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Americans for Approval Voting (a Political Action Committee to promote the use of Approval Voting):

Citizens for Approval Voting (educational and outreach organization that promotes the use of Approval Voting):

A Best Procedure?

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Same Ballots, Many Outcomes

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Donald G. Saari lecture on creating paradoxes in voting and

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Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem

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From Impossibility to Possibilities

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The Mathematics

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An introduction to geometry in voting theory:
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A more complete introduction to the geometry of voting:
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In The News

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